Exterior Decorating

Brighten up and protect the property from all weathers.

Whether your goal is to freshen up your house with a new look, keeping the weather at bay or simply modernise it ahead of a potential sale, we can get the job done. Our painting services are efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, and extremely durable, so you can trust that our efforts will stand the test of time and weather.

From initial contact to completion of work, we offer absolute professionalism. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll put together a quote for you, free of charge, before investigating the exterior and taking you through what we would do and how long it would likely take.

We can even professionally clean your exterior walls prior to painting to ensure a really first class result.

You don't like the way your house looks, but the weather has been inconvenient, and you haven't had the time, and you've had other things to think about... it's easy for life to get in the way. Fortunately, we are here to turn that dream into a reality!

Property Protection

The protection of our clients’ property and possessions is an absolute priority. We always ensure we are clean, tidy and very thorough in our approach to masking up and covering all surfaces that require it.

Safety is very important to us too and so we always use well maintained ladders and equipment for the working, paying particular attention when working near or on roads or in stairways, and are fully insured.

Pressure Washing

We offer a service of professionally cleaning your building’s masonry surface prior to beginning decorating. It can be necessary to remove algae or lichen to leave a sound surface to paint on. If required, we can also pressure-clean pathways and driveways; this is well worth doing as cleaning them later in the process would risk spoiling your newly painted walls.


After thorough preparation and priming, the surface is ready for paint.  We use the tried and tested Dulux Weathershield System. Weathershield is a specialist range that can help exterior masonry and timber withstand the elements and stay looking good for up to 15 years.