Kitchen Painting

When Experience Counts

We have been hand painting kitchen cabinets throughout Somerset for more than 15 years, from refurbishing tired existing units to finishing bespoke new kitchens.  You can be assured of an exceptional finish and professional service. 

We can paint a wide range of surfaces whether MDF, oak or pine, even melamine, and have an extensive knowledge on which paint systems will work for your particular type of kitchen.

Through experience we understand cabinet painting requires patience, technique and experience in order to achieve the highest standard, with a durability to stand up to the challenges faced by being at the centre of the family home.

Planning & Protection

Our priority before starting a job is to ensure the protection of your home, we use premium masking films to cover all areas that are at risk of paint overspray and heavy gauge papers to protect worktops from damage whilst the work is being carried out.

Preparing your kitchen to be painted can prove to be the bulk of the work but it’s imperative to get this stage right for a superior finish. With our thorough preparation methods including cleaning, degreasing and sanding back we prepare the foundation to ensure good adhesion and an ultra smooth finish.

The professional masking tapes we use are easy to apply and bond reliably to surfaces so there is no risk of paint seeping underneath, they do not leave adhesive residues when removed and provide a sharp paint edge for a professional finish.

A major advantage of the last few years is the leap in technology of mobile sanding systems, we use a range of market leading electric sanders with dedicated dust extraction removing 95% of all dust particles helping to keep a healthier working environment as well as lower dust build up in your home.

Spraying or Hand Painting

We offer the option of removing your kitchen doors and drawer fronts from site, preparing and spraying them in our workshops before returning them to be refitted at the end of the job. This method provides a flawless finish with no texture or brush marks to the paint surface.

If you prefer the traditional hand painted finish we can erect a small racking system in your home, being mobile and compact it allows us to work as professionally onsite as it would in our workshop, with minimum disruption to you as it allows the doors to dry without the disruption of them being lent around the walls of the room.

Water based paints have seen great advances in the last decade they have now become our preferred choice, with low VOC’s an elastic, flexible finish resistant to cracking and stable colour over time, without yellowing they can perform as good if not better than there oil based equivalent.